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Cloud Computing: A New Era of It Opportunity and Challenges

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Cloud Computing: A new Era of IT Opportunity and Challenges

“If up till recently cloud computing was considered the future, now that it is here, what would be the future of cloud computing?” Cloud Computing is one of the newest and most innovative recent technologies, and it is the future. Although, some challenges must be overcome, there are also numerous opportunities for this great technology that will offset the issues. Both the challenges and opportunity of this new era in Cloud Computing will be discussed. The future of Cloud Computing will also be thoroughly conveyed.

The term “cloud” in Cloud Computing is used as a metaphor to the internet. Cloud computing is a marketing term for technologies that provide computation, software, and storage service that do not require a physical location and are not limited. Items in general are saved on Microsoft Office Applications such as PowerPoints, Excel, or Word are limited to a specific computer. Cloud Computing allows items that would normally be limited to be flexible and to be accessed through the internet anywhere the internet is available. This technology creates a new delivery method for the IT industry based on these new resources. Cloud Computing is a byproduct of the ease the internet provides. This will take the form of web-based tools or applications that a user can access and apply through a web browser as if programs were installed locally on their own computers.

There are many opportunities and potential for Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing offers access to new business capitols. This new technology became a hot topic last year and many big name companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have already begun working in the Cloud. The flexibility and low cost appeal to companies of any size and also home users. A huge positive for the Cloud is the flexibility; different types of Clouds are available for example community, private, public, and a hybrid Clouds. Public Clouds would be for the general public for many people, this service would be either free or a payment plan. Community Clouds would involve less people than Public Clouds but more people than private. Private Clouds would operate for a single organization. Finally, a Hybrid Cloud contains any arrangement of two or more Clouds where information can be easily shared within them. The largest opportunity Cloud Computing provides is the easy access that both business and residential clients have. The fact that data and information is not limited to a single network or single computer through Cloud Computing is a huge step forward in technology. Cloud Computing presents their clients with the opportunity to gain admission to their content from many different locations. Clients are able to access anything from any device that is accessible to the internet instead of a singular computer. Although there are many great


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