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Cloud Computing Marketing Plan

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Cloud Computing, Marketing Plan by Michael Mundy

I. The Executive Summary

Cloud Computing is a style of computing in which massively scalable

IT-enabled capabilities are delivered ‘as a service' to multiple customers using Internet technologies. IT functions of a business are expensive but extremely important in highly competitive markets. Cloud computing as a service is a business enabler and is becoming increasingly popular because of the low costs, economies of scale, and mobility it provides compared to an internal IT team. Cloud computing is also offered to consumers as a way to store and back up personal information that can be accessed at any time from any internet connection.

An evaluation of the internal strengths and weaknesses of cloud computing, as well as, the external opportunities and threats is the foundation of this strategic analysis and marketing plan. The plan focuses on converting internal IT teams and the services they provide to internet based IT services that third parties manage and provide. For businesses to adopt cloud computing, this plan suggests strategies to market the uses and benefits of the service. Since cloud computing is being considered the new generation of IT, the service will continue to grow but the advantages may be overlooked for businesses and consumers. By the end of marketing plan, new opportunities will be defined and weaknesses and threats better understood to be able to position the advantages of cloud computing to new and existing target markets.

II. Environmental Analysis

Cloud computing is a service that is being offered to businesses and consumers which allows businesses to manage and provide any IT service to competed within their market. Cloud computing has been made possible by internet connectivity and mobility. Companies are using cloud computing as an alternative to employing expensive IT teams and purchasing pricy hardware such as servers and internal networks. Organizations, institutions, and consumers are learning of the convenience of cloud computing and employing it in day-to-day activities.

A. The Marketing Environments

1. Competitive forces.

Cloud computing is another way to offer IT services compared to an internal IT department. There is a generic competition that consists of an organization getting its IT needs meet internally or managed through an internet connection. Until recently, an IT team was the only option for maintaining software, platforms, or infrastructure. Cloud computing has entered the monopolistic market of IT services creating an oligopolistic competition, IT services by an internal team versus cloud computing via the internet. However, research shows cloud computing


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