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Cloud Computing Case Study Review

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Cloud Computing Case Study Review

Cloud services have increased in popularity helping company’s lower upfront technology costs, decrease downtime and support additional services. These advantages do not come without cost though, as security is the biggest concern for many. Because cloud computing security is hard to track it is recommended to use a public company which is required by law to disclose how it manages information. Another option is using a company that allows you to choose where your cloud computing takes place. Although there are laws that restrict where all companies can send and store some types of information, it takes an independent audit to prove it. However, many big companies will not allow another company’s auditors to inspect their data centers. In the end its an issue of trust in the cloud computer you choose and going by the information they can provide.

There are several security and control problems described in this case. One of the biggest security issues with cloud computing is unauthorized activity because data is highly distributed. Another issue is that current compliance requirements for security are not being met by cloud providers. If there are not willing to comply with the most update to date requirements to protect data, there is an even higher risk associated with security. Finally there is the issue of agreements being made that say that companies are not going to be held liable for data losses or fines or other legal penalties when companies use their services.

There are people, organizations, and technology factors that contribute to the previous mentioned security and control problems. Since cloud technology is new some people argue that it has not reached a needed level of maturity. Until cloud technology is mature it is not truly commercially viable. Companies that have decided to use cloud technology worry that the lack of data control could halt or stall their operations. The biggest concern of all centers around security issues and


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