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Definition of Cloud Computing

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Definition of cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to the technology that makes use of networks hosted by the internet to share resources, facilitate data storage, management and processing, instead of making use of a local server or other personal computing devices to handle its applications. The phrase cloud is used to describe the internet which normally represents the internet while drawing flowcharts. Organizations can seek services of a public cloud which provides services to all persons in the internet or they could go for a private cloud which is hosted by proprietary networks and normally gives services to a limited number of persons. Regardless of the form of cloud service, that is either private or public, the main aim of cloud computing is to give access to reliable, scalable and easy access to the computing resources and any other IT services.

Services and functions of cloud computing

The most valuable service of cloud computing is the backup of data storage. This backup is done online and thus guarantees an organization of safe storage for their data in the event that the company loses it. The act by which organizations resort to storing all their data in a cloud computing service is referred to as cloud migration. The next function is that cloud computing has provided companies and individuals an avenue for online programming. Through cloud computing, persons can access online programming languages that they can use to create programs that will help in the facilitation of business online. When companies resort to seek for cloud computing services, they create business opportunities for companies that provide the service. This therefore, facilitates the growth of IT business and industry.

Main purpose of cloud computing

Because cloud computing is an internet resource, its main purpose is that, it facilitates the sharing and storage of computing resources over the internet. Through it, organizations and individuals get assured of safe data storage and also management of the data. Cloud computing provides a reliable and efficient method of safeguarding data for companies thereby enhancing security of data in organizations.

Related technologies of cloud computing

 Grid computing- This involves the use of computer networks to gain a large variety and complex supercomputing resources. It makes use of unused computers in different locations to carry out computations

 Autonomic computing- Autonomic computing means “self managing computing” It involves computers manning themselves whereby in case of any failures or mishap in its operations, the computer accessories are transferred to another system for correction to carry out self correction. These systems run without any human intervention.

 Virtualization-This forms the basic foundation of


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