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How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World

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it is a case study on how cloud computing is chainging the it traditional world idu nwapa Scope

This is a case study aimed at the operations, marketing and finance of will give a background history on coco-cola, scope out the operational strategy of coca-cola (value chain, distribution, management, and processes), their marketing strategies (market entry strategy, market attractiveness, and standardized or adoption in products) and finally it will look into the finance statements of coca cola using their yearly report, the financial trend in the companies, the drivers of the trend .the author will also compare coca cola to its major competitor pepsi and their different strategies and operations


Cococola was invented in may 1886, coca cola was invented by doctor john pemberton a pharmacist from atlanta, georgia. On may 8,1886 cocacola was sold to the general public for the first time in ages.the cocacola logo which has become the main brands image was designed by frank robinson,who also served as a book keeper to doctor john pemberton.coca cola continued to make sales as a tonic which contained caffine and cocaine up till 1905

Before doctor john pemberton death in 1888, he sold portions of coca cola to asa g. Candler who was a businessman and under his leadershipand his aggressive market entry, coca cola was able to expand outside atlanta .as sales in coca cola began to grow, there was a need to make them more accessible and portable to costumers, in 1894 joseph biedenham on of the board of directors begin the movement to put coca cola into bottles having built a bottling facility near his missipi home

In when in 1899, three three business men bought rights to sell coca cola bottling company ,where the operated under their logo and was in charge of how of the bottling system of coca cola ran .in enterprising businessmen in chattanooga,


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