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Cloud Computing - a Growing Opportunity for Your Small Business

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White Paper:

Cloud Computing, a growing opportunity

for your Small Business.

Alexandre Mansour ' November 2010

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Introduction: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 3

What is Cloud Computing? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4

The Cloud Computing Pyramid: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5

The Cloud consumption Model: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 8

Is Cloud Computing safe enough? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9

What can we do for you? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10

Conclusion: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11


Cloud Computing has been for a few years one of the hot topics on the market place. It actually makes a sense considering the economic situation worldwide. Most business owners have heard about it but very few really know what to do in order to take the next step to Cloud Computing; and even fewer are using it today. Many business owners are looking to cut their costs and try to find new solutions in order to stay competitive, especially considering the growth of new countries with low production and workforce costs.

However, it is crucial to avoid loosing quality while doing so. It seems that Cloud Computing is a great deal if you want to lower your expenses without loosing key tools that are essential to your own development. Many small businesses that took the step to Cloud Computing even think that such a technology has allowed them to use applications that they would have never been able to afford just 5 years ago.

There are positives and negatives aspects to Cloud Computing. In order to succeed in the implementation of online Information Technologies,


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