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Small Business Idea Paper

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Small Business Idea Paper



The Federal Government has allocated suitable funds for potential entrepreneurs and prospected business types who seek to further engage in economic acquisition or create a new element of capital in order to foster the current economy with a potential small business venture. I have chosen to acquire these much needed resources in order to create my small business and join the field of Security in Protective Services.

My company is entitled RSJ Security Services, it is an up and coming business founded by Roberto Santiago Juarez, who is a skilled Security Officer, Post Commander, and Operations Manager of seventeen years within the Security Field located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new company will provide jobs for the community and protect local business interest.

With the social climate being in the state of frame that it is in, RSJ Security Services will become a positive element in the field of security. RSJ Security Services will focus primarily on clients and community interests, as well as employee needs.


RSJ Security Services will employee an experienced security staff, appealing to experienced security personnel, and present, and former military personnel, and implement based on client contracts using full time officers. RSJ Security Services will begin by having one employee, and that is the owner Roberto Santiago Juarez at the time of the launch of the company. With over seventeen years of experience in the security field he will oversee the entire operations of the security company. He will mange and finance/accounting, hiring, and human respources. In turn, security officers will be employed as client engagments are created and will be accounted for as a cost of sales. In turn, RSJ Security Services will provide professional and detailed security for its clients through the following implementation:

• Establish/maintain solid client relations.

• Ongoing training for all security personnel.

• Hiring experience staff in the security field.

• Positive community relations

• Priority client response


Small-Business Idea Paper

We will explore the benefits of deciding which forms or form of business organization to engage in; sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation whether C or S. The following will discuss


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