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The business we decided to interview was 2 and A Half Sisters. As a possible future business owner this interview was very helpful. We asked the co-owners many different questions that can make the difference between a successful and a not successful business. They were very helpful with their answers and were interested in the questions we asked. Being a small business we got the impression that there are some advantages and disadvantages as well that influences how their business performs. When starting this business all three owners all had some type of experience in the business sense and or could contribute something that the other two partners couldn’t. The type of business they have is selling mostly decorated items such as wine glasses and jewelry and many different items for younger children. One of the biggest parts of any business I believe the relationship between the customers and the employees. Whether that is the customer to sales person communication, the target market that attracts the customers to the store and the way the community sees the business.

One way the relationship between the customers and the employees are important is when they first enter the store. The first thing that I think of when I enter a small business such as 2 and A Half Sisters is how I am greeted. Is the greeting one that they are required to say and there is no enthusiasm behind the greeting, or do can I tell they are excited to have me in the store and have a smile on their face. The greeting to me makes the difference between whether or not I want to come back again. If I feel like I am just another customer to them and they don’t really care about me, I probably would not come back again. Once greeted how do they act? Do they greet you and then smother you with questions about why you’re in the store shopping or do they give you some space to look around first saying ,”holler if you need anything, I’ll be walking around the store.” There is also the approach of talking to you on a separate reason of why they are there shopping. If the customer is a regular asking how things are going, how the family is, if there is anything new or just having a casual conversation making them feel welcome. Customer service is a very important aspect especially in a small business sense.

Another important part of the customer service is the product in the store. If the product in the store is of poor quality and the business will suffer. One thing as a customer, I look at quality as probably the second most important aspect in buying an item. If the quality is poor I will be less inclined to purchase it rather than an item that I know has a good quality. The product in 2 and A Half Sisters from what I could tell was good quality. We also noticed that the age range for all the products in the store were very wide. They sell to mostly the middle


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