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1st Business Idea Proposal

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                                     1st BUSINESS IDEA  

Life at your door step:

  • Our role will be as a service provider and will be an intermediate party.
  • Our team will hire almost 5-8 employees who know how to ride a bike and communicate effectively.
  • At start our office will be at rent.
  • Payment will be in advance at start and we will provide membership cards afterward.

We will provide these services:

  • Car washing (contract with some workshops)
  • Supply of grocery (outsourcing)
  • Provide transport facility (self provider)
  • Beautician facility (outsource)


  • Families without any male person feel problem in day to day activities, we also have many examples in our surroundings so through this business idea we have highlighted this issue and we will tried to overcome this problem.

                           2nd BUSINESS IDEA

  • We will be as service provider and consultants and make contract with qualified teachers and senior students with high CGPA.
  • We will act as virtual third party.

Service provides:

  • Hourly based tuitions for FSC medical/engineering, operations management, strategic management, marketing management and research courses etc.
  • Courses will be limited at start and we will make further contracts on demand basis.


  • Students who are very well in studies don’t need tuitions for whole month they sometimes need a teacher for a specific time that can teach them and charge them for only specific hours instead of whole month fee.



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