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Executive Summary for a Business Plan Proposal

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Executive Summary

Wheel Man is a Service centre selling new and rethread tyres, and specializing in alignment and balancing of vehicles wheels.

The business will be in partnership, between Mr Davids, having 70% shares, and myself, having 30% shares. With Mr. Cooper having over 20 years’ experience in the vehicle industry, owning a vehicle repair shop in the area, he is well known by the public.

Additionally, Wheelman will provide excellent service, efficiently and expertly fitting and servicing customer's cars so that they will repeat the use of the service.

Wheelman hopes to attract a larger percentage of lower and middle class consumers because of the efficiency and affordability of their tyres.

We will be employing 6 personnel, consisting of 4 mechanics and 2 sales and admin staff. Mr. Cooper will be the senior manager, and I the marketing manager of the business.

Wheel Man will be located on the Corner of Well and Clyde road, Yorkshire. It is situated nearby an industrial area where many mechanical repair shops are operating, and it is situated along a busy main road leading to shopping centres and other amenities. The premises of Wheelman is owned by Mr.Cooper, and fully paid. This will be used as an advantage to the business, where no rent or bond payments will be required.

Tyres are the main products being supplied, while wheel balancing and alignment are also offered. Our business is aimed to supply the lower and middle class communities, such as Grassy Park, Parkwood, Retreat and the rest of the neighbouring areas, where a large percentage of these people find it hard to afford big brand name tyres. Out tyres will be much cheaper, bureau of standards approved and at the same time good quality. Mechanical repair shops in the area are also seen as a target consumer to our business.

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