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Business Organization Paper

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The organization I will be discussing is that of the VNA or Visiting Nurse Association. This Organization is one that helps people that are home bound do to an illness or disability and can not leave. Nursing staff will come in a few times a week and help with the daily living tasks of the individual. VNA helps anyone regardless of insurance and where they live, home visit, nursing home, hospice, and even hospital visits are done.

The organizational structure has changed for VNA over the years it has been around do to the fact that it has grown from a small organization to a large one that covers the whole country. In the beginning this was a vertical or line structure do to one woman teaching other women to be nurses and running a place in her home to care for the sick and dieing. This grew over the years and expanded changing as it did to a vertical to a horizontal business structure. Now we see the CEO of the organization making all the rules and choices, flowing down to the supervisors to each VNA in a state and town, to the Management including nurses, Human Recourse, Financial, then down to the staff including nursing assistants' and Sitters. Each area within VNA has someone to answer to within the organization. The first on site people being the nurse assistant report to the nurses, the RN reports to the Manger Lead RN' s, who then report to the Supervisor or HR department and from there it moves up the line.

Other Structures could be the structures that are used in bigger companies such as Wal Marts structure. Wal-Mart has a functional organizational business structure that you can see in many large chain businesses. This structure is used because it helps reach goals for the company more effectively. The focus is a hierarchy where people are put in there position according to the role that best fits them. They have a clear job title and description of what they do. They offer a potential to grow and move up in the chain of the company as well.

An even different organizational structure would be one of a fast food chain such as McDonalds. This is a major chain corporation that has a global strategy organizational structure. The McDonalds corp. has over 31,000 McDonalds restaurants in 120 countries and growing. These are franchised restaurants in many cases and every one of then is exactly the same and sells the same thing. This means that all decisions are made at corporate level and at the come base of the corporation.

As with and horizontal organization VNA flows through the chain of command. While it may not be as big as Wal-Mart or McDonalds it does have special rules it has to adhere to do to being medical related such as HIPPA laws and privacy


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