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Case Studies

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The break -even units to cover this initial cash outflow is (See appendix 5). Since the serious mountaineers and hikers market is quickly reaching maturity, we do not think that sales growth in that segment can be maintained for long.

Case studies will be assigned each week from the relevant chapters in the text. An individual case report is due from each student at the beginning of class the next week as indicated in the syllabus. The text of each weekly case assignment should be no more than two pages, not including relevant charts, graphs, or computer output. All case exhibits must be uniquely labeled and referenced appropriately in the text.

For the final project, students will work in teams of no more than four students. Each team should choose a time series of interest to the group and obtain at least fifty data points from a verifiable and referenced source. The team should then address each of the steps listed on page 509 in the text, using the methods learned in the course, to develop an appropriate forecasting model. These steps should be documented in a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation. Each team will present their results to the class during the regularly scheduled final examination period. A copy of your PowerPoint slides will serve as the written final report for the project. Instructor approval of the project concept is required.

Attendance is taken at each class. If you have to miss class, please let me know (via email is fine) ahead of time and be sure to get the material from your group members. Laptops are not allowed to be used in class except when the software packages are being demonstrated. Please turn off all electronic communication, recording, entertainment, or texting devices.

Make-ups or extensions will not be given or allowed unless a written request with all supporting documentation is presented before the assignment due date.



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