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Analysis on Tweets by Tweepy

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In this case, I choose Amazon as the focal website, and choose Target and eBay as Amazon’s competitors. I choose three features to compare these three websites: price of product, delivery and product quality. Below is the comparison table:




Price of Product


It seems that you can always somehow find a lower price in amazon than in other two companies. People often tweets about that they’ve find a cheaper price in Amazon.


The item price of Target is usually no cheaper than in Amazon and sometimes in eBay. In twitter, people are more likely to go to  


In eBay, you can buy items that was used, the price can be pretty low, but if you want to buy something, it can be really expensive.


Cheap and fast:

For most of the products Amazon offer customer a standard one-day or two-day shipping, and it’s free for prime member or order over a fixed amount.

Fast and convenient:

Target offer same day delivery for membership or 2-day ship. On twitter, people mentioning that Target will offer two-day shipping with no minimum purchase. You can also pick up in the store.


eBay guarantee a fast, On-Time delivery. But sometimes it’s really slow, for sellers may live far away from you even in another country, so eBay have no advantage in delivery speed against the other two websites. But the delivery fee is typically free.

Product Quality

Generally good:

Amazon offer standard quality product for thousand of billions of goods. In twitter, their goods as well as the return policy is often praised by users.

Generally good:

People are more likely to share what they bought for family living from target on twitter. Target offer standard quality to customer. The feedback is usually positive.

It depends:

Everyone can be a seller in eBay, it can not guarantee the good quality, especially for the second-used item.


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