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Yoga for Students

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I offer my salutations with folded hands to Pathanjali the renowned amongst sages, who removed impurity of mind through Yoga , of the speech by grammar and of the body by Ayurveda.

Sage Pathanjali was the first person to present the ancient tradition of Yoga in a systematic way. Thus he is considered the founder of Yoga. Pathanjali lived around 200B.C.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to unite, to integrate or cohere and thus taken to represent union, integration or coherence between human consciousness and cosmic or divine consciousness.

Yoga is a way of living practiced from vedic period(approx 8000 years old) by sages for good health physical mental and spiritual.

Progress of yoga practice feature relaxation of muscles, slowing of breath, calming of mind and softening of emotions.

Is there anything yoga can not do?

Yes like truth, when properly understood and adopted in our lives it can never do any harm to anyone.

Yoga helps man to synchronize his diverse life currents, making them united, uniform, unidirectional and ultimately universal.

Yoga holds the key for self-unfoldment and self-improvement.

Yoga bestows inner strength, sharpens our intellect, teaches us control over emotions and efficiency into our action and work making one do the right thing in the right way at right time and that is why yoga is often described as "skill in action".

Yoga practice can increase our lung capacity and respiration, improve our ability to resist stress, reduce body weight and girth, decrease cholesterol and blood sugar level and thus stabilize, restore and vitalize the body's natural system.

Yoga is therefore the best curative and preventive medicine for all the ills of man resulting from the so-called modern living.

Yoga can delay aging process and maintain youthfulness of body and mind.

There is no short cut for maintaining good health. Proper food habits and proper exercise is the only way. Yoga the science of ancient India for maintaining good health is the best suited for achieving this goal.

Yoga has many unique features that overshadow many other forms of physical exercises.

It re-juvinates all the muscles ,nerves, blood vessels , nourishes bones and delays aging process and also stimulates and tone up for proper functioning of internal organs like heart, lung, liver, stomach and gastro-intestinal organs, spleen, pancreas, kidney, thyroid glands, pituitary glands and name what not…?

This scientific exercises are proved to cure or control heart ailments, blood pressure, diabetic


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