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Academic Honesty with Adult Students

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Academic Honesty With Adult Students

For the first article I used the general keyword search using academic honesty. The title of the article is A Best Practice Protocol for Handling Academic Honesty Issues With Adult Students. The author is Stephen F. Gambescia. The article was published in The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, volume 55, number 1, Winter 2007. The article is peer-reviewed and was found in the EBSCO discovery service.

Instructors have learned that academic honesty can't be taken for granted that adult continuing education students are well grounded in the practices of academic honesty that is needed for a successful learning environment.

There are shortcomings with adult students, like their forgotten academic honesty from their prior and other academic experiences. Academic honesty and information and education may not have been dispersed to non-traditional students, initiatives, especially those students who learn away from the main school.

Cheating generally is last effort for students who aren't prepared or are unwilling to do the work in their class. Given the fact that students can get information from the latest technology, our culture has begun to devalue the creative idea of original work. Now with personal data storages it makes it easier for someone to cheat; very unethical thinking.

Adult learners see academic honesty is a very important part of the education experience. Academic honesty instruction, reinforcement, and review are part and parcel to the roles and responsibilities we develop formally or informally in the teaching/learning process Gambescia, 2007).

Adult students should be aware of the support that the school gives in academic honesty. They should know their academic honesty policies and procedures. These lead to the adult student's rights and responsibilities afforded to all students attending the university.

The students should also not re-use their work in another class or use someone else's work. If the instructor does allow re-using of work,


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