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Do You Think Colleges Have a Moral Obligation to Help Students Become More Ethical Individuals? Why or Why Not?

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#3 How do you explain the fact that morally evil people can be highly educated in terms of ethics and religion? In other words, how do you account for the gap that sometimes occurs between knowledge of ethics and being an ethical person? 44

The difference between the knowledge of ethics and being an ethical person is that ethical knowledge is knowledge that can be taught in an institution. I think that ethical knowledge is the study of ethics, what it is how it works, how to identify different aspects of ethics. To be an ethical person, means that you posses ethical morals. I believe that an ethical moral Is an influenced behavior, which has to do with the way you wereraised, strong influences growing up suchs as brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents and events you have experienced throughout your life.I believe that a morally evil person can be highly educated in ethics because ethical knowledge does not teach ethical morals. It can explain what ethical morals are but it does not teach a student now to feel or which ethical morals are right or wrong.

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