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Sir Russel General Merchandise - Beer Product

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Beer is the most patronized and recognized alcoholic beverage in the Philippines and is believed to be over 10,000 years old. It was considered as one of the most essential products of early civilizations and up to now in our modern times. Beer is considered as the most preferred alcoholic beverage in the country anywhere you go. It is part of the Filipino culture to drink beer on occasions and other forms of union but as time goes by, it's obvious that it is being consumed not only on occasions but also on a simple celebration and often times part of other people's everyday life. Sir Russel General Merchandise is an authorized distributor of San Miguel Brewery Inc. who distributes San Miguel Beer products from different places in Pampanga. They are an institution who position between the producer and the consumer, engaging in the movement of the product, thus helping both the producer – by reaching the intended users of their product and make revenues, and the consumers – for having their needs and wants satisfied without making so much effort availing the product. Sir Russel Gen. Merchandise main function is to facilitate the distribution of the principal-supplier's products indirectly to its intended consumers within their designated area in Pampanga and with the product channels like retail stores, wholesalers and restaurants.

Threat of New Entrants

Sir Russel General Merchandise is an exclusive and contracted distributor of San Miguel beer products in the assigned area given by the principal supplier - San Miguel Inc., therefore, there is a minimal threat of new entrants for Sir Russel General Merchandise on other dealership institution. Threat will arise though, during the expiration/renewal of another contract in the discretion of the principal supplier.

Threat of Substitute Products

Sir Russel General Merchandise mainly distributes beer products of San Miguel Inc. in Pampanga where most


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