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Albanian Craft Products Analysis

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The purpose of this thesis is to reflect the state of Albanian craft products Sector through the analysis of group of interests, focusing on the marketing of these products and the role it can play the application of concepts of intellectual property in marketing strategies. We identified a range of opportunities and limitations that affect the development of this sector and suggested a series of recommendations on how interventions should be to develop this sector.

Summing up the results of the paper, it can be said that the sector of handicraft products is an economic sector that should receive attention. Organized individual artisans or small company can realize significant benefits if implemented interventions necessary to meet the main concerns that solutions exist in this area.

Poor business planning, weak marketing, non-recognition of intellectual property concepts and apply them to strengthen and develop the business, the old age of artisans, etc. have resulted as the main problems requiring major effort to change. Increasing the capacity of artisans in these matters will result in higher financial returns and will give them greater encouragement to young generations to take part in this sector.

Foreign tourists should not constitute the only target market for Albanian artisans, who constitute an important factor to reduce the interdependence of the functioning of this sector with the influx of tourists, but should increase the potential of the domestic market and export.

Most of the raw materials used by artisans are provided from Albanian suppliers, thus indirectly rural communities will benefit from multiplier effects of increased spending artisans in their communities and the reduction of migration due to continued population the increased economic opportunities.

Most of artisans working in this sector are women. The development of this sector will lead


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