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Reducing Bullying - Article Review

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        The article I chose was “Reducing bullying: Application of social cognitive theory” by Susan Swearer. Bullying is the most pronounced form of aggression in schools today. There are different types of bullying it includes verbal, physical, motives and durations. Social cognitive theory people can learn by observing others learners can acquire new behaviors and knowledge by simply observing someone else as a model. The author argues that to truly reduce bullying, interventions must address these psychological cognitive and social contributing factors. Only when interventions target gets these constructs will individuals be able to transform their bullying into prosocial interactions.

        Modeling is a major component in social cognitive theory it can affect a person behavior in many ways. When learners observe an imitate others they will follow the behavior of their model (Ormrod P.62). When we model we teach our rules we demonstrate the specific behaviors and language patterns of expectations that sets the ground rules in day to day experiences. Students learn good or bad habits from others when they see someone who is modeling a good image and they want to act just like them they would do the same. An example a student who always do her work without interrupting other around her gets rewarded every week for a phenomenal job she is doing in class. Sometimes students who complete their work first tends to interrupt the class since they completed their assignment first. If a student observes how well her classmate can be while other students are working, they may pick that good habit and respect their classmates as well.

        Reading this article, I have recognized the concept of social cognitive theory. The strengths in the article was the details about social cognitive theory and studies suggest for breaking the cycle of bullying involvement. Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy. As a future teacher I find this article helpful I know it’s some students in schools who bully other students which is not ok at all. I found ways to help these students seek help by having an intervention by their teacher and parents by their side we can help by putting an end to bullying to other students.


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