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Men and Women Were Never Meant to Be Equal. Do You Agree?

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Tracing the trail of history, men and women have always shared very different gender roles from each other. From the time when cavemen venture out to source for food while "cavewomen" stay in the cave taking care of the children while awaiting for the return of the cavemen with his reaps, to the current society, with fathers who go out daily to work to earn money for the family and mothers who dwell at home and superintend the meals, organisation of the house and care for the children. Pertaining to the question, "equal" means for both men and women to have the same opportunities in life, such as education or employment. Despite of the distinct gender roles that each of the gender holds, it is wrong to say that men and women are not meant to be equal, because even though their roles are different, both roles are equally significant, whether for a family or for a society, and therefore in terms of opportunities, men and women should be equal.

It is not uncommon for people to say that the role of a man is much more important than that of a woman, and it is not that it is completely unreasonable as to why some people may think that way. For example, it is quite intuitive for people to think that earning money is much more significant than managing the house and children, because without money, the entire family will not have a place to live nor sufficient food, and children will not be able to receive education, whereas even without a person to manage the house and children, it is not impossible for life to go on. However, I will like to say that the gender roles of both men and women are equally significant, because while the role of the men deal with the "realistic" aspect of maintaining a family, the role of the women deal with the "mental" aspect of maintaining a family, which is indispensible in creating a healthy family.

Now I will be elaborating on the point that I made above, regarding the equal significance in the gender roles of both men and women. The gender role of a man, as being proliferated in the society, is to be socially active and shoulder the weight of the family by going out to work, while the gender role of a woman, is to be socially passive and maintain the family from within the house. Even though these are two vastly contrasting roles, there should be no reason for one role to ever overrule another. If there is a lack of a father figure in the family, then who will be bringing the money in to make sure that its members have a high standard of living? If there is a lack of a mother figure, who will be ensuring


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