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Women and Men

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There has been comparison on who goes to prison between males and female and the ethnicity but that’s not the only focuses there are other issues as well. Such as sexual issues, psychological and mental illness of the prisoners. However, most people believe that males are more prone to violence, therefore violence is prevalent in male prisons and should have higher rates of violence than female prisoners or of an ethnicity. However there is a differences in violence between male and female prisoners.

First off regarding one of the topic is comparison of sexual issues by both male and female prisoners. This is very important because both genders have sexual issues in prison. As a result the inmate will act aggressively in order to avoid being a victim of sexual violence. However it contributes to the stereotype that men are more violent than women, therefore should have higher rates of violence in prison. Since male prisoners undergo more physical injury and have more excessive force tactics use on them they become more aggressive. As a consequence they stop being the victims and start becoming the perpetrators.

The second issue that contributes in the understanding which gender has higher violent rates in prison is prisoner confrontations and the search for respect. From all of the factors this factor is very unique because it deals with the physiological part of violence. Furthermore, this issue is very important because it shows that the prisoners that are being embarrassed or disrespected have the psychological need to defend themselves that’s why I feel the psychological factor has a lot to do with it.

Lastly the number of males and females with severe mental illness come to prison with a mental illness they ultimately find themselves living in bad conditions which can make or contribute to their condition worsening. Like isolation where offenders may live in a cell by themselves without much of any interaction


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