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Women Play a More Important Role Than Men in Today's Society - What Are Your View on This Statement?

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In the past, women are supposedly less abled than the men, so they were supposed to stay at home to take charge of the household while the men go out to work. Since women with education was seen as a minus point when they find a good marriage, there were few learned women, thus women cannot take part in doing the "more important jobs" like working in a large firm. However, with the society taking on another perspective on females, there has been an increasing literacy rate amongst the ladies and more companies giving women the opportunity to represent them, creating equality between the men and women. In my opinion, both genders should be equal. While women are gaining more importance, especially at home and their workplace, men should not be overlooked. This essay will discuss if females take on a more vital role than males in the 21st century.

Firstly, there are certain roles that women play that are definitely more important than men. Birth-giving is a responsibility solely for the women because of their special biological make-up. The reproductive organs that women have enable them to Today, people in the developed countries are getting more affluent. Being so, parents are willing to spend extravagantly on their children's education, even if they are daughters because of the emphasis of equal human rights for all mankind and the small sized families. With a fast-paced society, families tend to opt to having small families. These small families gave more financial flexibility for them to spend on their children's education. In Singapore, tuition centres and enrichment courses have been on a rise, encouraging parents to sign their children up on these courses, as if it is a necessity to remain in these competitive age. Also, in Singapore, the government have called for education for all at least up to primary level and have set up an Edusave account for all that can be utilized when needed to pay for education related activities.


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