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Rape Against Men and Women

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The quantity of individuals serving for statutory assault inside the jails has truly a huge contrast between the quantities of male prisoners serving under the statutory assault contrasted with ladies. There are not really any women reported or sued for the same wrongdoing. The law does hold the same punishment for both genders for statutory assault. In this current age, men and women are supposedly treated equal. However; in some cases these days, statutory rape laws are patrozinging women and discriminating against men. There are many statuary rape laws and the most recent law made is to protect women against rape. Men have no laws regarding statutory rape because most people believe that women are “incapable” of committing a horrifying act of crime. Women are getting away with rape and many other things because most women who have committed this crime know that people will believe that they were not part of this awful act and incapable. The fourth amendment addresses every citizen rights and equal relationships are treated equal and fairly. History has proven time and again that as a rule men are the ones who start sex. Along these lines, in numerous courts today, this thought is still held by lawyers that young men ought to be considered mindful and not women for statutory assault. Both genders ought to be considered dependable and women are capable of performing in the same way as young men may do, and ought to all be dealt with equally.

Men are protected against rape and women are being discriminated. For many years, men have been getting away with rape and women are being accused and victimize. Men are being protected by rape charges and accusations because their brains are not fully developed and are unaware of their actions. However; studies have shown that women and young girls are almost more developed than any male throughout their lives. Many men brains are not fully developed yet which they cannot realize from what is right and


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