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Men, Women, and Labour-Force Participation

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Case study: Men, Women, and Labour-force participation.

Key points:-

  • Labour force participation rate 1950-2013
  • Reason of increase in women participation rate
  • Reason of decrease in men participation rate
  • Latest Labour force participation rate


    It has been seen that labour-force participation rate of both men and women in the United States from 1950 to 2013, just after World War II men and women had very different economic roles. Only 34% of women were working or looking for work. In contrast to 86% of men. Since then the participation rate has gradually diminished. Data from 2013 shows that 57% of women were in labour force in contrast to 70% men. As measured by Labour-force participation the men and women are now playing equal roles in the economy. There are many reasons for this change for example due to the change in technology, although the increase in women percentage is easily explained the fall in men’s participation may seem puzzling, as there are several developments at work now a days etc. In the most recent decade the labour force participation for both men and women has declined. This is because of the start of retirement for the large baby boom generation and in part to weak economy in the after match of the financial crisis of 2008-2009.


  There are many reasons for the change in labour force participation for example due to the increase in technology such as washing machines clothes dryers, refrigerators freezers, and dishwashers, which has reduced amount of time required to complete routine and households tasks. The other reason is the improved birth control which has changed women roles and social attitudes. Together these developments has a profound impact.

The fall in men’s participation may seem puzzling, as there are several developments at work now a days first young men are now in school longer than their fathers and grandfathers did. Older men now retire earlier and live longer. Due to more number of women employed more fathers have to stay at home to raise their children. Full time students, retires, and stay at the home fathers are all counted out of the labour force.


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