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Love Essay

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        Love is something that is never simple but complex. Something that even the smartest of people can’t understand. Something you can be connected with one second and lost with another. Family, friends, or someone you feel fondly of can have you in a sea of emotions. Feeling these emotions can cause many effects in your life. Being how you act, how you feel, touch, or even think.

        Many peoples that say they found love at hello. Although, it’s not always that easy. People can say their emotions have gotten the best of them. In Romeo and Juliet they really did have each other at hello.  For Romeo and Juliet they met each other at a party and instantly connected. With a couple of hours they were married and in love. However; their families have been in a feud for almost forever. This also shows love is unstoppable and that love can have an effect to empower you to even go against family hatred. This empowering love affected them even to the point of death. Romeo believed Juliet was dead and committed suicide in honor to be with her. In the end Juliet wasn’t really dead but committed suicide to be with Romeo. Their love for each other represents how love can have an effect in any way.

        Others can be most conflicted by your own personal love. In the movie, “Stuck in Love” others get affected by the emotions of someone else’s love. The mother and father of two twenty year olds eventually got divorced and the mom remarried. The father was still madly in love with his ex-wife and continued to try and see her. His love affected him tremendously and made him depressed. His unconditional love not only affected him but his children also. It made his children to be afraid of falling in love as their father did. When the father eventually learned to let go so did the kids. It’s hard to realize not only love is about you and that significant other but those around you.


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