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Internet Technology Means the End of Newspaper

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Internet technology versus Newspaper

The arrival of internet technology has dealt a blow to newspaper and other printed media. This essay focuses on the advent of internet technology and its impact on newspaper. It is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages the internet holds over the traditional newspaper vice vassal. And the economic effect namely the way the world is changing their ecological view by recycling and preserving the forest. And conclusion can be made from research and analysis ‘IF INTERNET TECHNOLGY MEANS THE END OF NEWSPAPER'?


Research has shown that the advent of internet technology has driving a blow to newspaper or printed media. The Internet has integrated itself to the business industry in a global way. A low cost global communication tool, it is now being used by more than 300 million people in the world as a way to access information, purchase items, and initialized a potential business relationship. And for some businesses, this is the way they have their clients take on orders and manage inventory. The Internet has multiple platforms for people to communicate, do business, and in their way, make the world a bit smaller and easier to know. Search Engine Optimisation,

(SEO) as it is normally called is a niche business that deals with the placement of a company's website on the different search engines. These search engines include Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all the other thousands of search engines available. Optimization may also include strategies in Internet advertising for the company to have a better presence on the net. What makes it cost effective for companies these days is the way how search engine portals charge unlike newspaper advertisement. These companies will charge on the amount of times the placement link or advertisement is clicked upon based on a minimum number of times the link or advertisement is seen . Internet news is more regularly updated. Most newspapers only print once a day. Internet news has a wider range of sources. Many newspapers have their own sites, where you can read the newspaper and get more up to date news. Through the internet you can access a wide range of newspapers, national and international, which isn't as simple to do through buying those newspapers. The globalisation and environmental friendliness also resulted in newspaper decline people are been encourage to use less paper. This is lead to more declines in the purchase of newspaper and many organisations have opted for the online marketing. Because it is cheaper and saves them cost of advertising in newspapers'. Most breaking news, product and services travel faster than in printed media example is the Mumbai disaster people were already streaming it through flicker, you tube, facebook and twitter. Recent Statistics


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