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Improvements in Product

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Improvements in Product

In the product, we are not going to do any major changes. The product would essentially be kept the same. A little enhancement of flavor would be done by increasing the pulp concentrate. The rest of the product ingredients will be the same. The packaging of the product however will be changed. New graphically designed more trendy and up to date packaging would be used. This will be designed keeping in mind the consumer and target markets lifestyles.

Improvements in Price

The price of the product would be changed. As our new positioning suggests and modification to the product, we will increase the price of shezan to Rs. 15/ 250ml pack. This will now be competitive to nestle. We have changed are competitive set and now instead of competing with country and other low quality brands, we will be competing with better quality brands like nestle.

Improvements in Promotion

In the promotion part we would be emphasizing more on electronic media, magazines and internet. The juice will be promoted through TVC‟s, internet banner ads, print ads and billboards. In addition in store promotions activity, discounts, coupons and free sampling cars will roam around the city to promote the juice. Shezan juice will also conduct on campus drives to influence their target market.

It would also sponsor the school college and university cafes. Shezan will also start sponsoring sports and music events as they are one of the most watched programs. This new promotion strategy will be carefully devised after studying the media habits and lifestyles of its target market. The primary objective of this promotion drive would be to reposition the Shezan juice as the good quality, nutritious and trendy drink.


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