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How Does Organizational Behavior Helps in My Working Life?

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How does Organizational Behavior helps in my working life?

Organizational Behavior (OB) is a study of what people think, feel and do in and around organizations. It focuses on behavior, decisions, perceptions and emotional responses . Organizational behavior is for everyone and it can take place anywhere in our life. This word “Organizational Behavior” is not limited to organization only but it also can be applied to groups and individuals. Personally, “Organizational Behavior” helps me a lot in my working life and even give me better understanding on human behavior and interaction between individuals. Following are few contributions that have directly help in my working life.

I work in IT industry. Basically, everyday I go to work at a same place and meet the same group of people. Even within this close group environment, I noticed different people may have different personality, perception, values and attitudes. With OB guidance, I’m able to identify their personality and this has provides me better understanding on their behavior either in work or relationship aspects. For example, able to assign suitable task based on his/her personality. Stronger bond or relationship within our team member is developed. Besides that, OB also reminds me on the perceptions improvement because I didn’t know that it exist subconsciously within ourselves. Through awareness of perceptual biases, self-awareness and meaningful interaction, it’s really “open up my blind area” (Johari Window). Previously, I have makes few wrong decisions because of my perception. True enough OB has proof it and it is very significant in my case.

Motivation is another very important area in OB that has inspired me. All the theories are very applicable in working life. I have applied an expectancy theory on one of my subordinates and it is working fine indeed I would say it is perfect. He is so motivated to complete his task. Following are some actions that I have noticed during this period.

• come to work early

• research for alternative solutions


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