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History of the Study of Organizational Behavior: Individual Work Motivation

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History of the Study of Organizational Behavior: Individual Work Motivation

Traveling between cities by air; is in most cases the quickest mode of transportation. Whether traveling for business or leisure, most of us have had both positive and negative experiences while flying. This narrative aims to highlight how Southwest Airlines motivates its’ employees. We will examine how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Reinforcement Theory are applied in the Southwest Airlines Company.

Southwest Airlines has grown to employ over 35K people, and have been in business for just over 39 years. The success of this company which includes overall domestic airline Customer Satisfaction in 2011, lowest ratio of complaints per Customers boarded of all major U.S. carriers, President’s Environmental Youth Award, Dallas Water Utilities Blue Thumb Silver and America’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens” has translated into a great working environment. The success of the company has brought stability to the Southwest Airlines workforce. Stability being part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid certainly satisfies low level needs. Maslow’s Belongingness and love needs are reflected in the opportunity Southwest employees have to build relationships with communities. In 2011, Southwest employees volunteered more than 114K hours in community outreach programs. The company as a whole contributed more than $18.2M in monetary, in-kind, and ticket donations to local communities. Along with community relationships, Southwest Airlines fosters a family atmosphere within its’ workforce. The success of this company is reflected by the dedication of its’ employees.

Through a deliberate company recognition program, outstanding Southwest Airlines employees are highlighted for their exceptional performance. The President’s Award (the companies’ highest honor) is given each year to the employee who consistently goes


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