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Analyze the Factors Which Influence Individual Behavior at Work.

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P3:- Analyze the factors which influence individual behavior at work.

Task for P3

Individual Behavior At Work

All individuals are different and behave differently to people over time.

Interpersonal behavior is different from individual behavior

There are many terms and factors which influence the behavior. But the most important one is one is personality and Perception

Personality will be defined as the distinctive traits, thinking and the characteristic of a person and the relation to the others there are two main factors which affects personality are heredity and environment. It includes five factors of personality known as OCEAN which influences behavior at work.


Personality dimension

High level

Low level


sensitive, nervous

secure, confident


outgoing, energetic

shy, withdrawn

Openness to experience

inventive, curious

cautious, conservative


friendly, compassionate

competitive, outspoken


efficient, organized

easy-going, careless

Neuroticism It tells about the effectiveness and emotional control in a body. If neuroticism is high in a body then it shows nervoness , sensitivity and unstability where it is low levels shows confidence emotional stability and activeness


In high level its shows energetic or if it is in low level may be described as quite , shyness and unsocial

Openness to experience High openness to experience have broad interest and having a wide imagination. in other hand low openness are conservative and conventional

Agreeableness Its good to have high agreeableness because its brings kindness friendly and a team worker

Conscientiousness Individual with a high a level are


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