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Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior

1. Objective:

To sensitize students with the Human side of the organization, present Organizational Behavior as one of the approaches towards Organizational Effectiveness. Additionally, enhance awareness of the students to dynamics of Individual, Group and Organizations. Prepare students to enhance their personal effectiveness and improve their contribution to group and organizational processes.

2. Course Duration:

The course duration is of 45 sessions of 60 minutes each.

3. Course Contents:

Module No.

Modules/Sub-Modules Sessions Marks

(Uni. Exam)

I Understanding the Meaning and Context of OB

Introduction to OB –What are Organizations, what is OB –Importance, relevance –Disciplines contributing to its knowledge –Evolution of thought in OB –Model of OB

National Culture -Concept of National Culture -Frameworks and dimensions of National Culture -Indian cultural context for OB, Dominant values, ethos and unique features of Indian culture -Impact of culture at work -challenges posed by cultural differences -How organizations can deal with these challenges 5 15%

II Understanding Individual Behavior

Perception -Meaning, sub-processes of perception -Understand how perception influences behavior, social perception -Perceptual errors and their outcome -Process of attribution and attributional errors -How can judgmental and attributional errors be detected and reduced

Attitudes -Meaning of work related attitudes -meaning of Job Satisfaction, Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Employee Engagement and Involvement : important attitudes at work -the influence of work related attitudes on Organizational outcomes -what measures can organizations adopt in order to shape favourable attitudes at work -Meaning and importance of values -Types of Values -Impact of values on Attitudes and Personality

Personality: -what is Personality -range of approaches and theories used for understanding Personality -understand how Personality contributes to differences in individual behavior -Understand how personality can be measured -important concepts related to Personality -Understand Indian context shaping individual personality

Understanding Personal Effectiveness Through Transactional Analysis -Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA) Theory Understanding Basic concepts of TA: Strokes, Transactions, EgoStates, Games, Drama Triangle Scripts -Analyzing Transactions -Understanding egostates from Transactions and identifying effective transactions -Understanding Life Positions


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