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Motivation Case Study in Organizational Behavior

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motivation case study in organizational behavior

Visualize and get the employees to visualize the big picture - This is one of the classical motivational methods for employees of a company where organizational behavior practices have been launched. The business owner and the employees are enforced to think at factors like how the practices would improve the standing of the company in the industry, how the practices will enable to company to boost sales etc. The employees being empowered to visualize the big picture will enable them to see the benefits of implementing these practices.

Provide incentives or manage performance around implementation of Organizational Behavior practices - We must understand this clearly that what keeps the business running year after year is the money. And hence, at the end of the day what counts for a company is how an employee has performed on productivity and quality. At the same time, discipline and ethics are some things which the company cannot forsake in lieu of productivity and quality. Business owners could ensure this by attaching metrics to the implementation of the Organizational Behavior principles. This will ensure that employees would treat the initiatives as a part of their performance drivers and hence the business owner can ensure that the initiatives are implemented.

Reverse Motivation - Not many companies have used this technique, but in some cases, this has proved to be a highly effective tool for motivating employees. As per Reverse Motivation, employees are motivated by telling them the consequences of them not implementing the Organizational Behavior practices. The whole stream of Reverse Motivation works on a completely negative aspect of motivating the employees.


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