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Starbucks Corporation: Case Study in Motivation

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Starbucks Corporation: Case study in Motivation

This case study concludes that motivation plays an important role at Starbucks Corporation, as it draws in consumers’ attention globally to change their mind about coffee. This has built up the company’s policy to a success level. The key factor to their success is motivation, but to motivate others we need to motivate ourselves. This is demonstrated in the company by building a good strong relationship between managers and employers resulting in a lower employee turnover rate and well as showing a high profit performance in their business. Howard Schultz who is the chief executive officer of Starbucks Corporation mentioned that the main reason behind the company’s success is not the quality of the coffee but the employees. He continues to say that the employees working there provide a friendly atmosphere which creates a warm loving surrounding for consumers to come in and relax.  Moreover, the manager at Starbucks totally treat all the employees equally and fairly naming them ‘partners’, showing equal treatment. Starbucks is one of many top leading coffee companies where they know how to use the right strategy and to towards a successful path to win over their existing and non –existing consumers. Moreover, Starbucks has proven to show they have clear set goal needing to be achieved through the motivation of employers and manager. Motivation given by employers, for example are rewarded via employee recognition for their efforts/performance.  The reason for rewarding employers is to show their hard work isn’t being ignored but recognised and to gain the respect they deserve.  However, if employers fail to perform up to the company’s standards then the company will need to correct and advise them in what has gone wrong. This will enable employers to receive quality feedback from their performance and will allow employers to speak their minds too as their part of the company so what they say counts.

Furthermore, there are many motivational factors which Starbucks have used to improve their business. For example, listening to their employees, this had a great impact on labour, in terms of managers planning the working hours per workers to meet their needs. Also they are regular interviews with employees to check if mangers are meeting the employees’ needs and wants, as partners have the right to decide what policy fits them well and managers respect their suggestions. Another motivational factor would be maintaining good welfare measures in terms of offering various great deals of welfare policies such as medical insurance and many more to all partners to ensure that their great work should be rewarded for. Not only this, but partners are also entitled to benefits; however their work hours should be exceeding 20 hours a week.

Southwest Airlines: A Case Study on their success

The case study has proven to show what a successful airline Southwest Airlines really is. Southwest airlines are part of the U.S. airline industry and have been proven to be profitable for 31 years and also have fitted with market capitalisation of every other competitor in the U.S airlines.

According to the Fortune Magazine’s, southwest is listed under the ‘100 Best companies to work for in America’. Moreover, Southwest won the ‘Triple Crown’ from 1992 -1996, awarded the airline for the fewest delays, negative feedback as well as misplaced luggage. Moreover,  the key success to the airlines lies on many reasons within the operational sector , one of which is the airline are using fewer congested airports in order to prevent disruptions due to the  demands of multiple aircraft. Speaking of aircraft, Southwest are using just one type of this to reduce the cost of maintenance as well as training. Also to enable the aircraft to be flipped more frequently, the airline are getting rid of meal services and seating arrangement s. The success of this has not enabled any other airline to do what they have done effectively and efficiently.  Another reason for their success is their ‘no frills and fees’, selling only one-way tickets with discounted prices to keep their consumers wanting to travel again with them and meeting their needs to satisfy them. Moreover, the airline has continually kept a strong management team to keep their brand image at a high level and master strategies to win over existing consumers and potential consumers.


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