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How Do I Want the Education System to Be in Next 5 Years

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How do I want the education system to be in next 5 Years

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“India is the only country whose rich knowledge has astounded the scholars around the world”

Don’t be misled by this sentence, as it may not apply in the current scenario but it can surely can be applied to a point in time when the teacher was called Guru or Rishimuni and the students were called Shishyas in India.

I want the education system to move back in time as we move further in time because though the number of people having primary and higher education has increased substantially, the quality of education has deteriorated drastically. The students in ancient times did not have books but still they were able to retain the knowledge and were able to pass it to the next generation.

The greed for materialistic pleasures has commercialized everything and education is no exception. The educational institutions are becoming similar to production units from which the students are coming out like products. There are some institutes which provide quality education but the people who can afford to attend those institutes are in single digit (percentage wise).

I want a system which does not discriminate and provides the same quality education to all the people in the country. There are two aspects of knowledge, theoretical and practical. The theoretical aspect can boost the ability of student in research area and they can eventually contribute in the research and development field while the practical aspect is related to real time problem solving and decision making. The students compelled towards the practical aspect because it will fetch them high profile jobs with fat salaries and startling perks while the work in the area of research takes a long time to achieve something and people do not want to wait for long time to get success. But they should know the fact that the real knowledge always takes time, it does not come easily and overnight.


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