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Education System

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Discuss your thoughts on how the education system (from daycare through to post-secondary) influences us.

The education system affects our growth and development as beings greatly as it is our main source of learning. Someone could start day care at the age of 1 and go through the education system all the way to college or university. “The vast majority of countries for which data was available show that students spend between 10-15 years in school on average.” (Harpur, 2017) On average students spent 7 hours a day at school being taught and influenced by their teachers and peers, typically in a day that’s more time than the spend with their own family. Not only does the education system influence our learning of core subjects like math, language, science, arts etc. but also influences our attitude, our development of relationships and our sense of self.

Bullying seems to be a topic lately that has exploded within the school system, and not for good reasons. It seems to be happening more often now than ever before. Education systems are trying to put anti-bullying pledges and programs into place to help decrease the amount of bullying and increase the amount of awareness surrounding the topic. In my opinion based on what I’ve seen working in the education system every day, students self-worth and self-esteem has decreased which is one of the many reasons that bullying has increased. They feel the need to pick on others to make themselves feel better. The amount of caring for one another also seems to have decreased over the years. They care about looking/being cool, they care about what they’re wearing, they care about the materialistic things they have, but they don’t seem to care about others feelings as much.  

Who has the right to education today? 
This is a hard question to answer, simply because having the right to education depends on where you live. “In Southern Asia, only 74 girls were enrolled in primary school for every 100 boys in 1990. By 2012, the enrolment ratios were the same for girls as for boys. Education is on the rise but there is still barriers in many parts of the world.” This shows that the ratios have gotten better over time however, in some parts of the world girls still do not have the right to education. There are many projects out there in order to create equal opportunity to education for girls so there are hopes that one day the rights will be equal. One project striving for equality is “Because I Am a Girl.”


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