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Uniform Education System Is the Need of Today

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Hafsa Ahmed

Adiah Afraz

SS 100        

19 October 2013

Uniform Education System is the Need of Today

A good education system is fundamental to a nation because it is meant to facilitate the nation to pursue national goals. It is the key to progress and plays an important role in economic development and social progress. Despite lot of efforts that have been done since the creation of Pakistan, education system of Pakistan is facing a lot of problems because it is not according to the needs and requirements of today. Our education system has failed in offering the opportunity of one and equal system of education to everyone. Education system of Pakistan is very divisive which has created a huge gap among the nation. There exist numerous and parallel education systems in Pakistan. There is no uniform education system with clear and defined national goals and requirements. To achieve national goals of prosper and progress, there is a dire need to adopt a uniform education system all over the country. Although some people think that uniform education system is impractical, uniform education system can be applied by unification of all education systems, introduction of one medium of instructions and standardizing teachers’ selection criteria.

The first step that should be taken by the government is the fusion of all the education systems that are present in the country. Systems that are running in our country are:

  1. Cambridge education system
  2. Pakistan secondary education system
  3. Maderessa system. (Sayani)                                                                                    

These three systems of education are preparing youth with different type of views, mentality and thoughts. Students passing out from Cambridge system are believed to have no or very little insight in their religion. While those who get away from secondary education system have very little skills and no command over English language, which today is the language of technology, commerce and science. Maderessas produce another group of students that is usually unaware of what is happening in the world around them. They are ill-equipped in elementary studies and modern education. The gap which these three systems of education are creating is widening day by day. In an interview with Tahir Ali Khan, Dr. Mohammad Farooq Khan, a well known scholar and social analyst, said:

We are amongst the least literate nations in the world. We have 40% literacy rate but that too is questionable by world standard. Education has never been in our priority list. No uniform system of education could be developed as yet. The country as a result has been divided in water tight compartments.

Thus to avoid this situation, all the systems should be merged and one common board with a common syllabus should be created. This board should be independent and the educational institutes should be under this board.


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