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Indian Education System: Are We in the Race

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In an era where India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, prominently in economics and technology, it is rather unfortunate that our education system still lags behind our technological achievements and is stuck with an old and mundane framework. While in most of the developed countries in Europe and America, the focus is on practical knowledge facilitated with a light curriculum, India still streamlines its focus on gaining volumes of theoretical knowledge and acquiring ‘marks’, by hook or crook. A sense of competition has become so prevalent and deeply embedded within the contemporary Indian student’s psyche that they fail to realize that this competition is pushing themselves in a direction that only has a abrupt dead-end in their career path.

Back in the day, children were being sent to their teachers to learn about various subjects and add values to their lives. The Gurukul system was in place where children would stay with their gurus who would impart practical and relevant education about various subjects that would be of immense use to the students in their daily lives. However this changed with the British who set up schools and focused more on academics and designed a system where they would have English speaking personnel ready at their disposal to employ them in various sectors of the industry.

Sadly enough, seventy one years after our Independence from the Colonial rule, we have not being able to reform the education system to align it with the modern industry demands and, therefore, there is an alarming gap between what the industry requires and what our academic institutes deliver in the form of graduated applicants.

Therefore, it is high time for the concerned authorities to take a step back and look at ways to revamp the education system so that the students are not thrown into a rat-race but rather groomed all-round for a much better prospect at a flourishing career.


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