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Environmental Status in the Philippines

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Environmental Status in the Philippines

Philippines is considered as one of the most blessed countries worldwide. With the gift from its more than 7000 islands, all resources are available for Filipino’s. Rich water resources, mountainous provinces where minerals came and rich forest with vast bio diversified living organisms. But behind this richness, Philippines cannot escape from a fact of misuse and overuse of Environmental blessings.

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “Fishers in the Philippines are increasingly coming home with pitiful catches. Of a number of factors which have led to this situation, one stands out: over-fishing in many areas. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), there has been a drop of 90% in the quantity of marine organisms that can be trawled in some traditional fishing areas of the Philippines. They added that the Coastal zone development has been particularly damaging to the Philippines’ marine environment, especially to coral reefs, mangroves, and sea grasses. As populations have increased, so have their needs for construction materials and living space. Excavation, dredging, and coastal conversion to accommodate coastal development have seen corals being extracted for reclamation and construction, especially in coastal villages. Deforestation on the other hand, left about 3% of the original cover; forests continue to be under threat from agriculture and urbanization, illegal logging and forest fires.”

As to where Philippines place in climate change, Wikipedia told us that “The Philippines, being in the Pacific Ring of Fire and typhoon belt, will be severely affected by Climate Change. Climate change will devastate the Philippines, leading to widespread destruction of the country’s flora and fauna and flooding. The capital city, Manila is also threatened by the rising sea levels.”

A group of passionate peace advocates, environmentalists and artists who share a common vision in addressing conflict and environmental problems through creative, holistic, and integral means blogged that


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