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Malaysia and Singapore’s Environmental Regulation Level

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This paper will discuss Malaysia and Singapore’s environmental regulation level. It will discuss the types of legislation that has been passed in the country regarding working hours and wages. It will provide the author’s view on how he feels if the country’s environmental regulation is sufficient. It will discuss if the country’s hour and wage legislation is ethical.

Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore will be the two eastern countries that are used for this assignment. This assignment is about environmental regulation levels and the roles that they take in organization success and growth. You also have to take into account the legislation of the country in regard to their hours of work and wages. This refers to the laws for the worker’s wages and hours.

What is the country's environmental regulation level?

Malaysia’s environmental regulation levels present the role that the government takes place, in managing natural resources of the environment. Their government establishes rules and regulations for all typed of environmental management. Their level of regulation is rather low, as the government pays attention on the urbanization as compared to environmental protection. To prevent deforestation and biodiversity loss, they have developed the Environmental Equality Act in 1974 (Memon, n.d). Their government plays an important role in establishing the regulations to control the pollution. They play a role to aware the people for these laws. Well economic conditions help the firm to accept the responsibilities and to also put them into action (Memon, n.d).

Singapore’s environmental regulations levels show the extent and concern of their government legislation for environmental protection. Singapore is a city that is “green”. Their environmental regulation is high. Their government plays an extreme role to make their protection of environmental pollution effective and efficient. These effective lows are developed by their government to aid in environmental protection (Heng, 2003). Their government developed a law of environmental protection contingent of primarily land based pollution. This included the law of protection for air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. The EPCA is developed by their government because of this (Heng, 2003).

What kind of legislation has been passed in the country regarding working hours and wages?

Malaysia’s legislation for wages and hours plays an important role in the success of organization. The legislation refers about the labor laws that are developed by the government for the minimum paid wages to the worker (USA International Business Publications,


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