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Bully Case

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"Bullying used to be thought of as a natural part of growing up. Adults tended to ignore bullying. Since the tragedies at Columbine and Littleton, however, people are taking the problem much more seriously. Fortunately, much more is now known about bullies and their victims and what can be done to make schools safer for children. Along with the increase of knowledge from research, greater public awareness of the problem has also developed. Fox & Bolton (2003) point out that "every school in England and Wales is now legally required to have an anti-bullying program in place--e.g. a school policy" (p. 231)."

Learn how to stop bullies in school, including bullying in elementary school, middle school and high schools. Bullies are becoming an increasing problem within the school systems today.

Statistics show that at least 30% of children are involved as the bully, the victim or both (1). The sad part about this situation is that there isn't always an easy solution to the problem.

Especially with the effects of bullying and suicide becoming more common, it is even more important to find ways to stop bullies before any more children become "bullied to death." For a child that is the victim, telling on the bully could result in even greater repercussions.

For a child that is the bully, getting in trouble for bullying others often only makes the bully feel even more angry or insecure, potentially increasing the reasons for the child's bullying in the first place. So, what can we do?

Help for the victim

Teaching children that are victims how to deal with bullies in school is a great place to start. If a child can learn how to respond in a way that doesn't reinforce the bully's behavior, then the bully will likely discontinue what he/she has been doing.

So, what type of reaction are bullies looking for


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