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Pathophysiology - Review for Test

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What is pathophysiology?

What happens when cells die?

What are the systemic signs of disease?

What are the non-specific inflammatory response?

What are chemical mediators?

What is phagocytosis?


What is the healing process? 1st, 2nd , and 3rd

What are the kinds of immunity?

What do memory cells do for immunity?

What happens with immunity during blood transfusions?

What are auto-immune diseases?

What are HIV infections?

What are opportunistic infections?

What do bacterial walls have to do with antibiotics?

What are the differences between benign and malignant tumors?

What is necrotizing facosis?

What are some fungal infections?

What is edema?


What happens with fluid shifts?

Problems with hypo sodium? Hypersodium?

Another Review for Test

The most dangerous adaptive change of tissue with regard to malignant changes is dysplasia (cells vary in size and shape within a tissue).

Examples of hyperplasia are: development of callus on a laborer's hands and enlargement of prostate gland with age.



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