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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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15) Members of a CSI team – First police officer on the scene and detective

- Medics (if injured parties)

- Medical Examiner or Coroner (if dead body)

- Crime Scene Photographer

- Forensic scientists (the "CSI's")

16) Medical examiner – medical doctor, usually a pathologist and is appointed by the governing body of the area. Responsibilities are to identify the deceased, establish the time and date of death, determine a medical cause and mechanism of death, classify the manner of death (natural/accidental, suicide/homicide, undetermined), and notify the next of kin

17) Bloody evidence – must first be air dried, then packaged in its own separate sealed and labeled paper bag

18) Chain of custody – must be maintained in order to ensure integrity of evidence from collection to the courtroom presentation (make sure the evidence was not tampered with)

19) "MO" is ‘modus operandi', or motive of operation. It describes someone's habits or manner of working, operating or functioning.

20) Search methods at crime scenes – Line or strip method (large, outdoor scenes)

- Grid method (double-line search, effective, but time consuming)

- Zone method – Teams assigned snall zones for searching (most effective in houses or buildings)

- Wheel/ray/point-to-point method – Best on small circular crime scenes

-Spiral method – Single person moving inward or outward; best used where


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