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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Truth and Reality had be mention more and more because now a day the society is reality and material. Truth means that which is in accordance with reality and fact and reality means the quality or state of existing or being real rather than imagined. In book “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time”, there is also relate to truth and reality.

In story, Christopher’s father tells a lie to Christopher, and in Christopher’s mind that is a big lie. Christopher think that is not right because Christopher don’t like lies, but in Christopher’s father’s mind, it’s reality because he don’t want to hurt Christopher any more, he had lie to Christopher that his mother is in hospital after that, father only can follow the lie that mother is dead. That is the different between children and adult. Also is the different between simple and complicate mind. There is a kind of lie that call “mercy lie”, it means that somebody talk a lie that is good for others, this always appear in invalid and families, if somebody is cancered he/she family always don’t tell to he/she, they also said it’s only a little problem. That is a mercy lie, also like Christopher’s father, he tell a mercy lie to Christopher, it’s a way to protect Christopher’s innermost being, that don’t want Christopher sad about his mother.

Christopher has a simple mind and he thinks truth is the real, like if somebody kill a person, that must be wrong, but in Christopher’s father’s mind, it might not, for example in war, kill enemy is for protect ourselves. So Christopher’s father lie to Christopher is to protect Christopher’s that don’t let Christopher be too sad. For example, American had send army to the Middle East and attack. In American government official’s mind is a really good thing because they can liberate the people that had been depress by tyrannical government and country can get more oil from the Middle East. But in America and Middle East’s people’s mind they think that is a very bad thing because this makes many people die by war.

Sometimes truth is not truth but reality is truth. As the society is become more and more complicated, more and more people believe “reality” is “truth” but not “truth” is “truth”. “God is died.” Said by German philosopher


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