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Service Essay

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For My first quarter service, I helped at the walk-a-thon for autism awareness.

I felt very good about doing this service because I knew I was helping speak out for people who couldn't do it for themselves. I feel those who have autism, and their families, very grateful to anyone who helped raise awareness. The reaction of the autistic kids was great, I could really tell they were happy to be there having fun. The families reacted wonderfully, making team t-shirts and really getting into the spirit of the walk-a-thon.

I learned a lot about the disease of autism, such as it is something you are born with, not something you catch. I found it easy to bond with the kids because they are so friendly and happy. I found it difficult to give them instructions, because often they would not listen.

Something I could have done better was to be less nervous around the autistic kids. At first, I was nervous to be around them because they were a lot different and I didn't want to scare them or make them upset. Now I know that they really aren't that different then me, they just think differently. They like to have fun, and took very well to a lot of things I said and did.

Something that surprised me was how alert and mobile they were. I always thought autism caused kids not to be able to speak, and although that was true in some cases, most could speak and say exactly what they wanted to.

I saw the Christian faith in this service because Jesus taught us to give of ourselves, which is what you do when you do service. Also, Jesus taught that he is in every person, and everyone deserves love, respect and a chance to enjoy life. That is exactly what the purpose of this walk-a-thon was.


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