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Religions in India

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When taking a Philosophy and Religion in India course, one does not really know what they expect to learn. As an American college student, we see things with a different perspective than the rest of the world. India is such a vast country with millions of people, hundreds of languages and countless cultures. However, so little of that really comes across into our daily western-centric lives.

We are almost lucky, in a way. Our inexperience leads us to unconventional ideas. Experts and people, who have studied the country for many years, are set in their ways and in their opinions. Conversely, fresh eyes can look at the situation, and see it in ways that no one else has. In this way we can really analyze, compare and contrast two of India’s most dominant religions Hinduism and Islam.

Looking back in time, we can literally gaze back at India’s diverse history. It is a cultural breading ground with influences from both the east and the west. At its epicenter location, it has always been prone to invasion both from harmless nomads and domination-minded people. Although the nation of India always survived culture intact, the experience always managed to make a mark on them. During India’s early history, they were invaded by both the Aryans and the Persians. From the Aryans, they developed the language of Sanskrit and the caste system, both of which are still in effect today. In 5th century B.C. , Siddhartha brought Buddhism to India, which was an important part of the country for hundreds of years .Following that was the rise and fall of many great dynasties in India, some which brought war, many bring peace. It was in fact the rise of 6 wonderful kingdoms in India which prosperity to the country for hundreds of years and many a temple was built, until the dawn of the Muslim Era. (Geogrphia)War ravaged the country, as Muslim invaders pillaged for years. Islam became a force in India.

The word Islam means, “The will of god”. It is the 2nd Largest religion in the world and is believed to have been founded over 1400 years ago. During the 7th-9th centuries Islam expanded to much of the globe. Although in some places it came peacefully, in other regions the takeover was violent and swift. Islam brought political power with it, along with a new way of life for many Indian people. The country struggled vastly, in the centuries afterward, being almost completely taken over by the Muslims until 1220. Converting was attractive to the citizens of India, because it would help them gain a place in society, and it had simple rules that were easy to follow in order to lead a good and noble life.

Islam has simple teachings that are very straight forward, basically saying that if you submit yourself completely to god, then you will find peace. There is one God (Allah) and no religion but Islam. Muhammad is god’s divine prophet. He is “the final and most perfect messenger of God” . Muslims believe in the 5 pillars, the


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