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How India Tackle China in Economy

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India is not only simply emerging; India has already emerged-Barrack Obama

India has two million gods, worships them all .In religion all other countries are paupers, India is the only millionaire-Mark Twain

It‘s a habit of human nature that we keep comparing our growth and status to our neighbours. Whether we talk of an individual living in any colony or we talk of the nation as a whole, we have been making comparisons with our neighbour. For us China every now and then. Right from sports to infrastructure, satellite development to military progression, we keep the example of China ahead us before analyzing the position of our country. In terms of culture and history, India and China would have to be two of the world's richest countries. It is therefore hardly surprising that the two are often compared with one another,but here we are not comparing we ll analyse who ll lead this race and what made this two be more special in world moreover why they and where they are unique.

In our case,Now china outperform india in many fields .but in future who ll win this race It definitely india.because india has democracy,demographics and determination as its favour.

We all know india is biggest democratic country in the world.just think about it In a general election ,the 600 million strong electorate elects about 500 representatives to the national parliament.A national election requires 900,000 polling stations to cover the geographical area of india from cape comorin to Himalayas.for example:only five nations have higher population than Uttar Pradesh they are China,USA,Brazil,Indonesia and finally india.

Not only this good democracy alone ensure economic prosperity for the whole nation.India is well corrupted as world knows from its recent headlines 2G scam to CWG scams.But this alone don't decide india's fate there are lots to discuss in democracy.first presence of the rule of law. In easy words,whatever the rules government enforces will always reflect on its economy.The rules that protect intellectual


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