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A micro-culture that I am a member of is southern in China. We do not fight for things or say things directly. We like to live in the safe place and running our own life. So most of the southern people are more valued their portion of the interest. As to how the society is and who will rule, we don’t really care because most of us are the just ordinary resident.

In the south, the relationship between people will be very simple--share and profit are what bring people together. People do business together, come or go for the interests. It is also can’t avoid stabbing each other in the back. Sometimes people also need to write an effective receipt to borrow money from siblings. Compare to the north, the relationship of the chain is more complex, often mixed family, kinship, interest, or social class and so on. Everyone can extend their relationship chain, these interwoven relationship chains built into a large, strong and not broken social networks. Everyone are climbing relationship eager to have an enviable network, expect to gain benefit from their relationship networks. Southern people are paying more attention to pragmatic. We have the specific purpose to do things, rarely involve so many social relationships. As long as we can handle our own things and we rarely pay attention to other things. We do not like to show off. In my opinion, southern China is more like tendency to individualism.

At present, the distribution of the medical service resources has obvious differences between urban and rural areas. In big cities, medical resources are adequate. However, in rural areas, medical resources are scarce. Many people in the rural areas can’t get a good treatment. Distribution of inequality is another unfairness in my culture. Some employers hire people depends on the personal relationship instead of personal ability and skill. People who come from the powerful families often can get better job opportunities and development.


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