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Micro and Macro Analysis of College - International University College

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This project was written in reference to the five presentations our group made during the last two weeks in Marketing class. We made an overall analysis of our given topic - International University College. We, as a team, can say that did not experience any difficulties both coming up with the presentations and the report since we had the support both of our tutors and the academic staff in the college. We were provided with all the needed information promptly and no help was denied. That gave us the chance to see both the positive and the negative sides of International University College.

We made our analysis using some of the method we were thought in Marketing class. The presentations went as following: a PEST analysis; a SWOT analysis discussing internal and external factors; Porter's five competitive forces. Afterwards, using the knowledge gained we made a General Electric grid discussing the business unit strengths and the industry attractiveness. We state where on the G.E. grid does International University College stand, and what the preferred strategy for this quadrant is.

However, in this project, we shall also include a micro environmental analysis discussing in brief the history of the college. After that we will continue with detailing the presentations.

Micro environment

The history of International University College dates back to the late 1992 when 20 students started a two-year program in Hotel management. At first IUC was situated in the tourist resort Albena, but with the growing popularity and the increasing number of students the place had to be changed.

In September 1993 a Bulgarian – Dutch School of Management was established and registered under the Bulgarian law. After a short while, the organization was re-registered as International Institute of Management.

In the 1996 a college was established in accordance to the new Bulgarian Law of Higher Education and it applied for initial institutional accreditation to the National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation.

In April 1998 the facility was given its initial institutional accreditation by the National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation's Accreditation Council. An ordinance of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria later approved the establishment of the new institution.

So far more than a thousand of students have graduated International University College and more than 30 of them are foreigners. IUC has increased its capacity many times over the years and currently has more than 1 000 students being thought.

PEST analysis



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