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Christian Case

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Section 1

1. John wrote Revelations as a letter which was intended to be a circular letter to the seven churches in Asia Minor.

2. In this letter, the risen Christ “praises and blames” the communities of these seven churches. He addresses the practices and activities that occur in those communities.

3. Once God's glorious throne appears, Jesus, the risen savior, is shown as the slain lamb and then opens up the seven seals. After that, the angels then blow the seven trumpets and punishments are loosed upon the wicked on earth.

4. At the climax of the book, God has victory over Babylon and the new Jerusalem is established.

5. When the new cities are described, a series of “seven end time events occur.” In this the advent of Christ, the word of God, the last battle, the binding of Satan, the last judgment and the new heaven and earth occurs.

Section 2

1. John wrote the letter while in exile on the island of Patmos. He was exiled because he was an active evangelist. God told him to write this letter and send it to the seven churches.

2. A christian writer named Irenaeus said that Revelations was written at the end of Dormitan's reign around A.D 81-96.

3. There was a threat of persecution against the seven churches because of the refusal of Christians to worship Roman emperors as gods.

4. A local official promoted this persecution to win favor from Dormitan.

5. John wrote down these visions from the lord to give hope to the persecuted Christians. He wanted them to remain faithful and maintain their Christian values.

Section 3

1. The book of Revelations says that 144,000 will be martyred.

2. The reason for this was due to Christians refusing to participate in the cults of the emperor of Roma. This included their refusal to eat meat in connection with pagan sacrifice.

3. God addresses those who are lukewarm in being a Christian.

4. Some Christians however became permissive about doing just that. They participated in the cults and practices of eating the meat sacrificed to idols. In other words being a Jezebel.



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