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Ugli Orange Case Study Arthia

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Ugli orange is a kind of fruit which are so rare and just can be found in just one season in a year. It is known as the medicine for a disease named Rudosen which is contracted by a pregnant women. It is so important for the doctor to have 3,000 ugli orange to be extracted to become a medicine for that disease. Later on, the doctor named Dr. Jones found that there is someone who has about 3,000 ugli oranges, named Cardoza. For sure, he wants to buy those fruits from that person and of course it is not so easy to buy that kind of fruits. Unfortunately, there is also a doctor named Dr. Roland who also needs this kind of fruit to naturalize the dangerous in the atmosphere which caused by bombs. He needs 3,000 ugli orange too. Cardoza will sell those ugli oranges for the highest bidder. Dr. Jones wants to buy those fruits with $250,000 while Dr. Roland also can bid for the same price. Dr. Jones's company and Dr. Roland company's actually are very competitive each other. They have to have a negotiation each other before having a deal with Cardoza. So this case is about the negotiation between Dr. Roland and Dr. Jones to have the best way to solve this problem.

For me, the best way to solve that kinds of problem is knowing which problem is the most important one. Personally, I Dr. Jones must give that fruits to Dr. Roland because the dangerous gases in the atmosphere may cause a long term period problem and will be harmful for all humans' lives. Dr. Jones's problem is also important but that disease just harm some pregnant women while Dr. Roland's problem may harm every person's life in the big region. For me, loss of adult lives is worse than loss of infant life.

I have suffered the problem like that. When I was in the first year of Senior High School, my father lost his job and finally he found another job and it required him to work overseas. He went abroad alone, and he went back to Indonesia once in a year. Later on, after two years worked and lived alone overseas, he finally felt so lonely. He finally asked my mother to accompany him to live overseas. I have two brothers. My elder brother has already entered the university and my younger brother still at the beginning of his second year of Junior High School. For that reason, my father finally decided to bring my younger brother with them to continue his


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